We are Blallo

We do things Automations Hosting Websites Design Marketing SEO Copywriting Advertisement Social Media Brand Monitoring Legal Consulting.

What we do

We talk about your needs and requirements
We develop a strategy towards reaching your goal and we tackle details (we'll ask questions!)
We develop, test and launch your solution. It's live!
Is it over? Not quite! We support, maintain and make your solution thrive.
Workflow & Automation
Automations and efficient workflows are the foundation. We built our own processes from scratch, we automate all we can and we apply our methods to multiple types of businesses.
We use best-in-class technology and stacks with the best hardware available. Our websites and apps fly, we can make yours fly too.
Web Development
We make websites of all kinds and uses! to sell items, to share information, to provide content, to learn and to teach. Anything you might want or need.
Brand Identity, Logos, Graphic and Interfaces begin and continue with our design.
Social Media and Paid Advertisement are just parts of a bigger plan. Businesses should be known by the right people, the right way.
SEO & Copy
We all use search engines, and we all would be much happier if others find us when we can help them out. Yeah, we do that.
Information Technology, Web Technology and Legal Consulting. Finding the best path towards your goal is what we do.
Brand Monitoring
Wanting to know where you stand, how people perceive your brand and if they misuse it is important, and we can make it easy with Brand Monitoring & Protection.

It's not about us,
it's about you.

We'd love to know more about your company.
... and then we can plan improvements together.
We plan, execute, improve. That's what we do.