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We help companies grow online.
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Not just another
Digital Agency

You will like working with us!
Blallo is your one stop shop for all your digital needs.
From planning to execution, we are here to help you grow your business.

How we can work together.

We don't want to force sales. We want to work together, only if we can be helpful.

Friendly Chat

We'll set up a call in which you can tell us all you need, any difficulties and what's been done so far, so we can understand whether we can offer our assistance.

Discovery & Analysis

We'll take all we've said and prepare a specific plan for your company and your objectives. We'll consider your objectives as if they were ours and recommend what we would ourselves do.

Launch & Feedback

We'll do what we planned and as the data starts to roll in, we'll adjust accordingly, so that results improve over time.

Maintenance & Adjust

It's not over. There are assets to maintain and campaigns to improve. It gets better and better.

Are there other areas of improvement?

Just because something's working, it doesn't mean there's nothing else to do. There might be other areas to explore or ideas to implement.

What we do

There's no secret knowledge, though there's plenty of knowledge to be had:  If you have a well made website, that conveys the right message, and you show it to the right audience, you get results.

That being said, you need to get it done well - in order to get the best results, you need the right digital agency.

We like what we do, and we help businesses grow.

How we do it

Website Hub

We create a custom responsive website, built according to your needs and goals. It will become your digital hub for all your online activities.
A website is at your disposal 24/7. It can be your salesman, it can acquire leads and make your brand known.
It is your digital hub and we will build it to reflect your ideals, values and company needs.
Digital Strategy
UX/UI Design
Responsive Design
Professional Copywriting
Conversion Optimization
SEO Optimization

Marketing & Advertising

We bring the right audience to your hub.
Once the hub is built, we send the ideal audience to it through social media and search engines. With data and time we can adjust and improve.
No digital hub is useful without a good audience.
Marketing Strategy
ongoing SEO
Social Media
Tracking & Analytics
Google Advertising
Bing Advertising
Meta Advertising
LinkedIn Advertising

Our experience, your growth.

We build websites and marketing that converts.
PPC Pay per ClickAdsGraphic and Designseo