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Blallo is one of the best digital marketing agencies and SEM agency, thanks mainly to our deep knowledge in the field of "search engine marketing".

What is the difference between SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Although they are often used interchangeably, SEO is a subcategory of SEM; SEM means using both promotion (PPC) and optimization (SEO) to increase a website's ranking in search engine results.

We are a marketing agency with deep experience and knowledge in SEM.

Our results are our track record. Increased online visibility, increased search engine rankings and above all increased traffic to your website are just some of the key results you can achieve with a well-structured tailored SEM campaign like ours.

How do we do it?

Since Blallo began its journey as a digital marketing agency, we've strived to not only keep up with the competition, but more importantly, to outperform it through constant research, ongoing training plans, and through advanced testing systems.

Our SEM team, which includes our awesome SEO and Paid Ads (PPC) teams, has the collective skills and knowledge needed to increase your visibility in this new world of Digital Business.


Key Objective: Increase traffic to your website

Our marketing agency specializes in working with both large and small businesses, and we know how difficult it can be to find, nurture and convert qualified leads.

Our team of experts will create customized, growth-focused online strategies for your brand using the best SEM techniques.

In order to drive more traffic to your website or e-commerce, it is absolutely critical that your site ranks high in the SERP Ranking (the result of a search on Google or other search engines) when users search for your keywords. There are many methods to do this, but most fall under the umbrella of SEM strategy.

SEO isn't just about finding the right keywords or building endless Backlinks.

The proper goal is to create high-quality content that offers something of value to the reader, which in turn inspires them to move through your marketing pipeline to your product/service.

PPC (Pay Per Click) isn't just about getting clicks on your ads or pages, it's about getting found in all the right places on the web and getting those high-intent clicks that drive sales. It's more useful to have ONE click that then turns into a customer than 1000 clicks that will remain just passing observers.

The reason SEM marketing is so successful when structured well is because it leverages both paid and organic media.

Paid ads will help you grow to the top of the SERP Ranking in the short term, while search engine optimization will allow you to rank high in the SERP Ranking in the long term.

With an optimized SEM strategy, you can then reduce the cost of acquiring new customers while increasing the conversion rate of clicks into actual customers.

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