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It’s time for Blallo

Posted on April 8, 2021

We’ve been at it for months, and we are proud to finally unveil Blallo!

It is the outcome of months of preparation, study and hard work.

We’ve spent 2020 improving and creating the foundation of what has now become Blallo.

As we work with our clients, we are also creating services and infrastructures within Blallo itself.

In doing so, we’re able to consistently do better, and we are ready to take on more challenges.

Who are We?

We, the founders of Blallo, are a group of people that have always been interested in technology. We’ve been building websites and doing our own graphics ever since we were in Middle School.

Many pizzas and years have gone by, and we have always improved upon our interests.

We have acquired a very diverse skill set as we’ve faced many varied challenges over the years.

Nowadays we don’t just stop at one part: we don’t just build a website and call it a day. We look at the whole and find our best way to improve it.

We like what we do, and we like challenges.

So what does Blallo do exactly?

Let’s go for a quick and concise answer: We develop tailored plans to help companies build effective online identities and marketing strategies.

This sounds like it’s just another agency, however. This is why we need a bit of a longer answer to explain: We don’t always use the same methods that everyone else does — which helps us be innovative in our work!

We’ve grown up in this field, we don’t do the one thing we know and hope it sticks, we instead guide companies through brainstorming sessions about new ways of doing things; So while some may be using old techniques as if nothing has changed over time, we’re always forging ahead into uncharted territory without slowing down.

We have extensive and varied experience and we apply it to each project.

What do we even know?

We realize the above paragraph could be vague, so perhaps we should elaborate.

We’ve been at work in our companies for many years and over time we have gained an extensive collection of hats:

Web Development, Web Design, Company Workflow and Automations, Marketing, Social Media, Branding, Copywriting, you name it.

We wanted to grow and improve our own talent to face the challenges and needs our companies had, and so we’ve acquired and cultivated all this knowledge: You don’t just randomly make a website for no reason. You need a marketing plan to make the website work; you need a good design for it to be appreciated, and so on.

One tiny piece is always connected to another. So, from one new tiny piece of knowledge we moved to learn another.

In time, we’ve been able to improve our own companies via this knowledge and we are able to cover most needs.

Some of the Things We Do

  • We use highly performing and fine-tuned web servers with the most advanced tech stacks and along with optimization techniques and several CDNs at our disposal, we are able to make websites load fast and sustain lots of visitors. We also deploy antivirus and firewalls, security is important.
  • We make websites with our own designs, with a wide array of possibilities and features so as to accomodate most needs.
  • We use SEO tools which paired with our knowledge allows us improve and track our SERP rankings.
  • We deploy funnels, emails and marketing campaigns both via PPC and Social Networks to acquire sales or leads.
  • We also write our own copy, be it for marketing, articles, information or sales.
  • We’ve also built our companies’ automations and workflows. Whether it’s a digital start-up or a manufacturing business, we’ve been there.
  • We speak legalese, we deal with GDPR and other needs.

The Reason We Created Blallo

We’ve created infrastructure and procedures over the years and eventually realized that all we have done could be useful to others, just as it has been to us.

That’s when we had the idea: what if we could use all of this knowledge and infrastructure with other companies?

We know not everyone has the time nor interest to learn and do all these things: Marketing, Design, Web Development, Social Media, etc.

The landscape changes so quickly that what was new and bleeding edge can be a thing of the past in the blink of an eye.

Yet at the same time, the present and future are bound to be heavily reliant on internet and technology.

Right now it’s websites, apps, automation, marketing and social media. We don’t know what it will be next, but we do know we’ll be there, in the midst of it.

Whether you need a tiny piece of the puzzle or want a comprehensive approach, we’re happy to get started.

Nice to meet you.

Let’s talk!


We are looking forward to unveiling our first public project soon. It’s our own take on something that’s been around since the dawn of the web.

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