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Brand Monitoring & Brand Protection

What is Brand Monitoring?

Brand Monitoring entails all the procedures that involve scanning and keeping track of your Brand Identity and/or products across the web. Your company name, products and brands are only a few examples of the analyzed information, so that better protection can be offered for your business.

What is Brand Protection?

Brand Protection entails all the actions the owner of an intellectual property can take to stop third parties from using their trademarks or brand reputation. These actions have the purpose of protecting the company's income and credibility.

What We Do and Offer

With an always increasing global market and new technologies, as well as Web 4.0, we've seen an incredible number of changes. If in the past you could clearly distinguish markets from each nation, now there's an increasing amount of counterfeits affecting both small and big industries.

Online shops using registered trademarks that they do not possess, companies with a murky past with names chosen in order to confuse the end consumer and counterfeit products are but a few of the issues that brands and companies have to be aware of.

Our offering acts in two parallel ways to both monitor and protect your brand.

Brand Monitoring

Our proactive approach and specialized technicians and tools allow us to keep track of mentions of your brand all around the web, as well as understanding the sentiment of those mentions. Your brand, trademarks and all that you need to keep track of are constantly monitored by our systems, so that no one can exploit these elements to their favor while damaging your brand and reputation.

Brand Monitoring and User Satisfaction

We do not only monitor mentions, but also sentiment. Each time users and websites discuss your brand and products, we can detect the sentiment and provide you with detailed reports and, if need be, prompt replies to intervene and help your users and, as a result, increase your brand reputation.

Brand Protection

If any warning arises from our Brand Protection analysis, we not only provide with detailed reports, but we can also protect your brand interests. Thanks to our qualified professionals and in-depth knowledge of all the legal procedures, we help our clients and relevant authorities to put in place all the necessary counter-measures.

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Brand Protection


Domain Management - Registration, renewals and bureaucratic process for the management of your domains;

Domain Recovery - Recovery of domains registered by third parties that are of interest and on which you can claim rights;

Domain Monitoring - Through detailed reports we report potentially at risk domains together with all the necessary countermeasures to compromise the reputation of your brand;

Domain Watch - 24/7 surveillance activity that guarantees instant reporting in the event that some third party registers the name of your company or a name linked to it as the name of a product;

Domain Name Audit - Constant monitoring of the availability and widespread dissemination of the name and brand of your company;

Management of SSL Certificates - We offer complete management of all SSL Certificates starting from consultancy and in all technical and bureaucratic steps;

Keywords Analysis - Using our state-of-the-art systems, we monitor all constantly evolving keywords in your industry in order to ensure the first choice in the most effective domain names.

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