Funnel: The Geometric Marketing


A Funnel, also known as Sales Funnel or Marketing Funnel, is the sales methodology through which companies guide their customers to purchase their products/services.

At Blallo, we are convinced that a serious conversion strategy is the winning card for increasing sales and customer base. For this reason, we design and perfect real marketing channels in order to bring more leads and increase sales.

If what you are looking for is an efficient, effective and economical sales process for your company, what you need is a well-designed funnel.

The so-called “funnel” generated by the funnel is built with several precisely structured stages in which the customer will be able to move through until they reach the last stage, which is the purchase.

But the goal of the funnel is not only to bring more real customers, and therefore make more conversions, but it serves above all to refine the sales channel by engaging all those people who after a mild interaction with your product remain in the so-called gray area, that area in which that customer will continue to wander without ever being convinced to buy your product or service. Through these operations, that is through this refinement of the sales channel, you can optimize all your resources by pushing them in the direction of customers who really want to buy.

Here’s what our team of experts can offer you:

  • Identify the audience you want to target in the various stages of the funnel
  • Plan and execute the best strategy
  • Determine the micro structure of the funnel channels
  • Create highly effective information content to guide potential customers through these funnels
  • Simulations and monitoring of the funnel with continuous refinement of guidelines
  • Refinement of the objectives and results that are being sought during the second phase of the funnel’s life
  • Support of marketing campaigns
  • Periodic reporting on both the progress of the campaign and the level of conversion of the funnel

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer guarantees?

We cannot guarantee the success of a funnel campaign. If we could guarantee success we’d all be lounging by the sea, wouldn’t we?

What we do, however, allows us to regularly evaluate the progress of the campaign and apply corrections until we have effective campaigns over time.

But how does a sales funnel work?

As with other strategies, everything starts with a preliminary meeting in which goals and needs are established.

After that, the next step is to analyze your company to better understand the target market, strengths, weaknesses and type of customers.

Once all these factors have been studied, and above all after an in-depth analysis of the customer base, we can finally begin to structure a driving campaign.

But how do you measure the success of a funnel campaign?

It’s very simple, through monthly reports delivered to the client and explained in detail.

In a funnel campaign it is important to evaluate not only the growth of visits, but also to go into detail by analyzing the conversion rate.

Through these reports it is possible to make precise and cadenced evaluations.

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