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Running a website is as easy as a one-click-install from that hosting advertisement you found, right?

Yes, kind of. At first, it is that easy.

But then you want it to run fast, to be secure against hacking and viruses, to handle a lot of traffic, e-commerce transactions, your CRM, secure e-mails and what not.

And for each of those activities, there is a lot of knowledge to acquire, plus the need to properly maintain everything and make sure it all runs as it should.

We handle all the hosting from A to Z, with uptime monitoring, backups, updates and maintenance.

Blallo Hosting Cares

Hosting is one of our core foundations, because everything we build needs a solid foundation. However, we are not a hosting company.

Our hosting is part of our services, and like everything we do, we spend effort to make it extra good.

You won't have to deal with support that doesn't know who you are or what your company stack is, you'll deal with the same team that set it up in the first place, and there's no entry level support, you will talk directly to the technical team.

Scalable Performance

We employ a variety of CDN, Server and Application level Caching as well as Database and Object Caching.

With years of experience with the most popular stacks, including Apache, NGINX, OLS and LiteSpeed Enterprise we are confident we can build the perfect home for any website.

Each deployment receives the best stack for its purpose, with dedicated resources that can be scaled at need with just a click.

We build for what you currently need, with capability to grow.

Antivirus, Firewall and Security

We take security very seriously. Our hosting includes scheduled antivirus scans and a firewall. This, along with backups, ensures that no accidents can ever happen, and if they do, are instantly fixed. 

Regular software updates are also very important, as well as updates to the antivirus and firewall. We handle that, and we make sure all the websites we host are safe and sound.

Uptime Monitoring and Backups

We proactively handle issues with constant monitoring. If anything happens, we get an alert and work on fixing the issue.

Our backup solution is battle tested and cloud-first, with multiple layers of backups available, stored in different locations. We are extremely paranoid, and we take our paranoia as a strength and apply it to our hosting architecture, with redundancy and multiple layers.

Complete Redundancy is an option

For important websites we build more complex setups with 100% SLA and Automatic DNS Fail-over. Some websites should always be available, even if the server goes down. We get that.

Your Partner for your Hosting needs

We believe we can build the perfect home for your website. Talk to us, and we'll get started.

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