Outgoing Email Monitoring

Outgoing Email Monitoring

We Provide the Best Security for Your Outgoing Email

For the best email reputation and to avoid fake emails from your domain. Security is essential to any business.

How can We Help?

We are experts in email security and we help ensure your outgoing emails are always from your trusted sources.

Monitoring and Reporting

We will have regular reports about your outgoing email security.

Active Defense

We actively prevent email spoofing and email domain abuse.


Improved security will also improve your deliverability and email reputation, avoiding blacklists.


Full visibility of your outbound email channel can help you uncover any issues and act on them.

What can we provide?

Our growing suite of tools allow us to provide Smart SPF and Smart DMARC records, so we can easily adapt to any email environment and provider you use.

Changes are quick and propagate instantly.

With monthly reports and alerts we can ensure everything works accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to monitor and secure my outgoing emails?

It is very important that only your emails have your domain name, both for your brand and for security reasons.

You do not want somebody sending emails from your domain without your consent, that could damage your brand.

You also do not want fake company emails asking for passwords, with links and what not. This can lead to several security breaches, and being able to trust your company’s emails is very important.

Is this an antivirus?

No, this is not an antivirus service. This service is to ensure your outgoing emails are only sent from your verified software, devices and users, so that nobody unverified can send emails spoofing your domain name.