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Analytics tools are essential for any business, but they come at a price, and it’s not always upfront.

The most popular option is Google Analytics 3, which is offered for free, but there is very little privacy protection.

GDPR regulators across Europe have been deeming it illegal; Google Analytics 4 is an option, but it has several flaws and it is not yet sure whether it is GDPR friendly.

It’s time to ditch Google Analytics

If you’re using Google Analytics, it’s time to switch to something else. There are many alternatives available, but few offer as many features as Google Analytics.

Missing something?

Blallo offers analytics without compromising on privacy, allowing the website or app owner to at the same time understand their stats and find ways to improve websites and products.

We don’t need cookie banners or GDPR consent

Through proper anonymization, data storage within Europe and an opt-out option, we do not need to show a cookie banner or GDPR consent for our Blallo Analytics. We don’t even use cookies!

Empower every team with good data

The best way to empower marketing is by having access to good data. This will allow us and you to make better decisions based on facts rather than assumptions.

On the other hand we have to make sure to protect the privacy and private information of each and every user.

Website analytics without compromise with Blallo Analytics

With our solution we strike a balance between reliable data and privacy, and we can’t wait for you to use it.

We are able to present the best data to visualize your sales, goals and statistics and then use this knowledge to improve each step of the funnel.

We do not store any personal information and we ensure to comply with GDPR regulations.

Schedule a consultation with us and we’ll talk about how Analytics and GDPR can coexist.

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