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Workflow and Automation

We Connect and develop Workflows

We build and tailor software for our own use, and are expert in developing and automating workflows, to ensure everything works well and efficiently.

Our expertise in various verticals and niches allow us to build tailored workflows and automations exactly how your business needs them.

Nothing is set in stone and as your business evolves, so do your needs. Workflows and automations are built to follow you and your business.

Our Focus: Building Tailored Experiences

There are hundreds of tools , each have their own rules and work in a certain way, and there are hundreds of different types of tools, one for each particular need.

Create and develop your SOP

Standard Operating Procedures are the backbone of your activities. We help you develop and create them in templates, so you can easily apply them each time you need to.

Build your Company OS

Whether you need a CRM, a Project Management System, a way to do quick Stand Ups, track your OKRs or simply manage your company knowledge and documents, we can build and evolve your Company Operating System so that it is always in sync with your needs.

Automate your activities

From welcome emails to notifications and complex procedures, we love automating as many activities as possible, so that we can focus on everything else.

We build automations directly within our Company OS and integrate as much as possible: the time saved is exponential and can help your company thrive.

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