Web Hosting – 5 Reasons to Invest in a Good Web Hosting

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Every business needs to be online in order to grow, but at the same time to expand any online business, you need a Website.

But do you know what is the most important requirement for building a strong foundation for your website?

In today’s age of online competition, the need for a good Web Hosting service provider cannot be ignored.
Over the years, many companies have emerged in all countries providing good quality hosting services based on dedicated servers located in each country.
Having understood this, it is clear that if you want to make your website not only accessible, but also with good performance, you need a good Web Hosting provider.

The main Types of Web Hosting Services

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is the most popular form of hosting and often the best solution for most websites.

The main advantage of Shared Hosting is the affordability of the service. If you have a low budget, or simply want to invest in other services, Shared Hosting can be a wise and economical choice if your site falls within the compatibility parameters of this type of service, or if it has little visitor traffic.

The reason it is so convenient is that the server resources are shared with hundreds of other websites. So, instead of paying the full price of the server, this type of web hosting will allow you to pay only a fee.

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Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a particular type of hosting that is based on using virtual hardware, meaning your entire hosting environment is located within the cloud.

This type of hosting is relatively new and has grown exponentially in popularity for two main reasons:

Convenient: thanks to Cloud Hosting you only pay for the server resources you actually use. For this reason, if visitor traffic to your website varies from month to month, you will never pay for more than was actually used.

Reliability: if a Cloud Server cluster malfunctions, your site will automatically be moved to another manager’s server.

In essence, Cloud Hosting offers the ultimate in service flexibility and cost efficiency.

Cloud Hosting

Hosting VPS

VPS Hosting is a particular type of hosting that uses a technical process called “Virtualization” to create a dedicated virtual server, but using resources from multiple physical servers shared with other users.

The biggest advantage of VPS Hosting is the possibility of being able to access servers with many resources. This entails not only greater performance for your website, but also great flexibility in terms of customizing the service thanks to the “Virtualization” system.

Dedicated Hosting

With Dedicated Hosting you are renting an entire physical server for your website/e-commerce. This means that there will be no sharing of resources with other users, customers of the web hosting provider. For this reason, this type of hosting has much higher costs.

However, with a great expense comes a great return! In fact, having an entire server completely to yourself will allow you to access incredible levels of performance and storage.

Furthermore, since you are the only user, you will have the possibility to completely customize your server to get the most out of your website/e-commerce.

Dedicated Hosting is a type of web hosting that needs to be studied well as it often doesn’t make much sense for the majority of website owners, given the need to have huge volumes of traffic to justify the costs. It’s a different matter for an e-commerce site which already has a much greater volume of users, as well as needing much larger storage space due to all the multimedia material connected to the products/services.

Dedicated Hosting

Self-Managed or Managed?


Nothing prevents us from installing all the software on a dedicated or shared server and managing everything ourselves, but it requires server administrator skills, or the use of platforms that allow easier access via control panels, but then they do not offer specific support in case of problems.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting, as the name suggests, is nothing but professionally managed hosting for WordPress Websites.

This type of hosting, obviously used on WordPress sites, will allow you to get a server perfectly optimized to work on the WordPress platform. This hosting has the advantage of not only being very secure, but also helping you get the best possible performance from your website without having to manage maintenance tasks yourself.

With Managed WordPress Hosting you are basically working with a team of WordPress experts to manage your server for you. If your site is based on the WordPress platform, investing in this type of hosting can only be an excellent idea, because it ensures the best results with the least amount of time.

There are various levels of managed hosting which differ both in the optimization provided and in the capacity of the server used, so it is possible to have what you need based on your budget.

But Why is it so important to invest in a good Web Hosting service?

Choosing a good Web Hosting service is one of the most important investments you can make for your company’s website.
Web Hosting is the service you adopt to obtain a secure space on a server to store all the data and files necessary for the functioning of your website. For this reason alone it is worth thinking carefully about how much you want to invest in this service, as poor Web Hosting will have an extremely negative impact on the Performance and Reputation of your Website with search engines and your customers.
When looking for a good Web Hosting manager, you must choose a platform that offers a reliable service with fast loading times, especially since various marketing research has shown that 70% of users wait on average just 3 seconds for a site to load Web before closing the page and opening another link on the search page.

By investing in quality Web Hosting you can be sure that all the time and resources that Web Designers have dedicated to optimizing your Website will not have been wasted. Furthermore, having good hosting for your website is essential for your brand to offer a quality service to the public whatever the purpose of your site.

Top 5 Reasons Why Good Web Hosting is Important


With high-quality hosting, loading speed will no longer be an issue. Keep in mind that the better the site performs, the higher the level of user engagement.

A fast website offers an overall better experience for the user, which is crucial in order to maintain the reputation of your site and therefore your brand.

A slow website will discourage visitors and make them less likely to stay on your website. This will increase your website’s Bounce Rate.

It has been widely demonstrated that a fast website with a good web hosting service behind it has a greater chance of converting simple visitors into customers, thus increasing the Conversion Rate.

Response time

According to the latest Google guidelines, one of the factors that most influence the positioning of websites on search engines is their speed. Nowadays users make decisions extremely quickly and for this reason they want equally immediate answers.

So, if your website takes too long to provide them with the answers they were looking for, they will definitely go look for them elsewhere and most likely from your competitors.

Good hosting is therefore necessary because it guarantees very short response times.


Website security is something that many website owners never think about.

The first level of security of a site is that provided by the infrastructure of the Web Hosting service provider since it is there that all the files of your website will be stored. A quality host, in addition to having well-structured infrastructures, will be able to offer you additional and different levels of security to add to your platform.
Furthermore, even if it has now become a very widespread standard, make sure you adopt Web Hosting providers capable of guaranteeing you the enablement of HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Over Secure Socket Layer), i.e. the protocol for secure communication on the network. This will allow you to have a more secure Website where all sensitive information will be protected.

This technology is also known as SSL (Secure Socket Layers), the current security standard that guarantees a secure connection by encrypting data sent between a browser user and a Website.

Technical Support

Web Hosting must also have an excellent after-sales service, especially if your company does not have the internal technical skills necessary to ensure the continuous functioning of your Website. Your Web Hosting provider will be like a member of your technical team.

Technical support is vital even if something goes wrong. Loss of information, sudden crashes or even total downtime are just some of the most serious problems that can damage a website and the reputation of its owner.

Furthermore, any downtime of your website can mean very bad things in terms of statistics, search engine rankings and conversions.

For this reason, looking for a good Web Hosting is of vital importance especially for the latter’s problem solving abilities. The most valuable technical supports include:

  • Data backup;
  • Know-how;
  • Anti-interruption tools for the website.
Managed WordPress Hosting

Email addresses associated with your domain

When you use a Web Hosting service provider, you will have the opportunity to create your own custom email addresses with your own domain. Make sure this service is available from the provider you decide to choose.

If you contact your customers via email, the last thing you want is to use a regular email address.

A personalized email allows you to appear professional when reaching people through your website. Most hosts also have a set of built-in email management tools.

But does Web Hosting have an impact on SEO?

The short and direct answer is Yes, your Web Hoster can have a direct impact on your SEO, i.e. influence the positioning of your Website in various search engines.

Although it must be noted that a good Web Hosting provider does not guarantee a high ranking in search engines, having a supplier with quality services can certainly guarantee that you have the right foundations to start climbing the Search Ranking.

Shared Hosting

Here are some factors that can influence your website’s SEO:

Performance: your site will gain a tangible advantage on SEO if loading times are lower than those of the competition;

UX Design (User Experience Design): A better user experience equals a higher conversion rate. A higher conversion rate will lead to an increase in sales. Sales is one of the parameters taken into consideration by Google itself for the evaluation of UX Design;

Geographic Location: Search engines are able to detect the location of browser users and then apply this parameter to their search. For this reason, geographic location during search plays an important factor in SEO. If your company and main customers are located in a certain country, having a server hosted in a data center in the same country will give you a great advantage. A good hosting provider can ensure that your website is hosted locally, ensuring that data does not have to travel too long distances, thus limiting server response time;


Choosing the right Web Hosting service is of fundamental importance for the success of your Website. The best Web Hosting should provide all those services that are the basis of the best Internet Sites today.

Technical support, fast loading times, reliable uptime, scalability, security features, automatic backups, performance optimization and easy site management are some of the many parameters that you need to take into consideration.

Give your business a solid foundation with Fast, Reliable and Secure Web Hosting. We take care of everything for you. You can say goodbye to the stress related to hosting problems because with Blallo Host you can focus on what matters most: Your Business.