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Paid Advertising: Google Ads, and the rest

Blallo is a leading marketing agency with a deep involvement in paid web advertising. 

Taking Google Ads, the most competitive and ever-evolving platform, as an example, it's really easy to waste money on clicks that won't turn into a sale.

Our team of marketing experts excels at creating Google Ads campaigns that maximize ROI (Return Of Investment) while maintaining a good ROAS (Return Of Advertising Spend).

What makes us so confident?

To avoid the classic costly mistakes that many users make, it is advisable to partner with a marketing agency that has in-depth knowledge of how Google Ads works.

As Google Partners, we have years of experience managing successful Google Ads campaigns across many industries.


Key Goal: Increase CTR (Click-Through Rate), return on ad spend and predictable revenue

Only the most experienced advertisers thrive on the Google Ads platform, for everyone else it's really "tears and tribulations".

You can blindly trust our certified PPC (Pay Per Click) experts to make your business stand out among the crowd. Minimum expense, maximum return is our motto!

We've worked with many large and small businesses, so we fully understand how difficult it can be to find, nurture, and convert qualified leads across industries.

Our team of PPC (Pay Per Click) experts will create a highly customized Google Ads strategy JUST for your brand using the best strategies applicable to Google tools.

Here are some of our Google Ads services that will help you get more clicks, increase traffic to your website and convert them into paying customers:

  • Strategy planning
  • In-depth analysis of competitors in your industry
  • Ad creation and optimization
  • Return Of Investment (ROI) measurements
  • In-depth study of industry keywords
  • Continuous monitoring of ongoing campaigns
  • Detailed monthly campaign progress reports
  • Advanced consulting
  • Local, National and Global Marketing Strategies
  • CRM integration and reporting
  • Expansion into new markets if possible

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