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PPC (Pay per Click)

The world of PPC (Pay Per Click) is often a veritable minefield. That’s why Blallo has a team of experts dedicated solely to creating winning and effective PPC strategies.

Blallo is a marketing agency that also specializes in so-called “paid media”.

Our experience spans all aspects of PPC (Pay Per Click) management, including Google ads, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Our modern PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign management approach brings together innovative strategies and research, continuous optimization and testing, and an obsession with ROI (Return Of Investment) optimization to ensure our clients get the maximum results within their budget

But how do you get great results without spending a fortune?

First, our team of paid ad experts creates a PPC (Pay Per Click) strategy that is customized and tailored for your business and budget. 

Key Goal: A truly winning PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign

Increase traffic and provide a great ROI (Return Of Investment).

Our team of PPC (Pay Per Click) experts, with years of experience in the industry, will create customized and revolutionary online strategies for your brand using the best strategies applicable to PPC.

Be it on Google, Facebook, or other major portals, our PPC services aim at getting the highest conversion of clicks into real customers.

Using targeted ads is just the tip of the iceberg. The actual skill is in getting results while reducing the spend per result.

Whether you are a startup or an established company in your industry, our team of PPC experts will help you find a profitable way to sell your products/services and acquire more leads.

Here are some of our PPC (Pay Per Click) services:

  • In-depth analysis of competitors in your industry
  • Ads creation and ads optimization
  • ROI (Return Of Investment) measurements
  • In-depth study of keywords
  • Monthly reports on the progress of campaigns
  • Advanced consulting on Local, National and Global Marketing campaigns

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