Landing Page: How to create an Effective Testing Strategy

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Landing Pages are one of the main tools for disseminating content, products and increasing your conversions.

However, like any powerful marketing tool, the Landing Pages must be made point through precise and well-studied strategies.

Here are the points to follow to create effective and efficient testing strategies.

Step 1: Let’s start from the Hypotheses – Landing Page Strategy

The first step to follow will be purely theoretical.

Let’s imagine we are like detectives. Our first task will be to analyze the data we have and draw the best possible conclusions. But what are these conclusions?

In this case, our conclusions will be all the changes that theoretically will lead to an improvement of our Landing Page.

Once we have identified the various improvements that we can adopt, we establish priorities based on the potential impact of the individual changes.

Obviously, upstream of all this work, there will be the acquisition of data through various tools such as:

  • Heat maps;
  • Surveys;
  • Test A/B;
  • Ecc.

Step 2: Set Precise Conversion Goals for Your Landing Page

What do you hope to achieve with a fully functional Landing Page? What is your goal? What is success for you?

These are just some of the questions you will need to ask yourself to better define your Conversion Objective.

Some of the objectives can be:

  • Increase registrations on your site;
  • Increase subscriptions to your newsletter;
  • Increase conversions;
  • Increase downloads;
  • Increase Sales.

The objectives do not have to be strictly linked to your Landing Page or your web platform, but they must be important and significant for your company.

Step 3: Every Objective has its Right Tool for Landing Page Testing

Based on the activity you will have to carry out, you will have to choose the most suitable tool.

Don’t fall into the mistake of using just one tool for all the tests you will face during your career.

There are countless tools for testing landing pages, each offering a wide variety of options, such as:

  • A/B Test;
  • Multivariate Tests;
  • and many others.

It’s not just a question of which tool, but also of budget

When you start looking for a tool that suits your purpose, don’t forget to choose one that fits your budget.

There are many very useful tools on the web and often the most expensive one is not necessarily the best one!

Step 4: Variables and Variants, let’s find the square in this chaos!

First of all, identify which elements of your Landing Page you want to test first:

  • Titles (H1, H2, H3);
  • Call To Action Buttons;
  • Images;
  • Terminologies;
  • Ecc.

Once you have identified the values you want to test, create variations for each of them.

For example, in one variant it leaves the original image and in another it changes the image completely.

This is one of the most classic A/B Tests, but often the simple things are also the ones that work best.

Once we have identified the elements to test and once we have created the variables, it is time to estimate the time required for the test to provide us with enough data to make a final decision on the changes to be made.

Another value you may want to adopt is traffic.

Decide in advance how many visitors to sample for your test and stop as soon as you reach that quota.

Be very careful in both cases to choose the correct parameters!

Running a test for too short a time will give you too little data to make a decision, while running the test for too long will risk making you miss potential conversion opportunities and will put an excessive dent in your budget.

The same applies if we decide to use a maximum number of visitors before stopping the Test.

Step 5: Let’s Analyze the Results and Make a Decision

Once the various tests have been completed, it is time to analyze all the results obtained.

First of all, let’s identify which variant scored the best and how much it differs from the other version.

Subsequently, if the result was satisfactory, we proceed to put the best Landing Page online.

Another very important thing to do is record all the data extrapolated from previous tests.

Nothing is an end in itself and these data will be an excellent historical memory for future tests.

Let’s remember to record not only the tests that gave positive results, but also the unsuccessful ones.

You not only need to obtain results, but also learn something new after each Test. By doing so you will be able to improve your Test execution methodology in such a way as to obtain increasingly better results in order to achieve all your business objectives.


Landing pages are powerful tools capable of channeling an impressive number of new potential customers towards your business.

However, like all marketing tools, it requires precise and structured fine-tuning both at launch and over time.

The business world is evolving quickly and the world of Web 4.0 is evolving even faster.
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